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We are the specialists for concrete pumping services in Brisbane. No matter the job, we have the concrete pumping equipment to make it happen. With over 13 years of experience providing concrete pumping services and hire in Brisbane, we have built a name for ourselves as the best in the business.

What we do - concrete pumping Brisbane

A lot of building and industrial jobs require amounts of concrete that are simply impractical to do by hand, and too hard to access directly off the back of a truck. This is where a concrete pump hire service like ours is needed.

We offer a wide range of concrete pumping services and pump hire options for jobs of any size all over Brisbane, and we have the best line pumps around for every job in the area.

Line pumps are one of the most commonly used concrete pump options, so here are some frequently asked questions to help you know if it is the right concrete pump for you.

A line pump is a concrete pump that is mounted on the back of a trailer or truck with a hose attached to deliver the concrete. Hoses come in varying lengths – virtually as long as you want it – and are ideal for use in hard to reach places.
The other most commonly used concrete pump is a boom pump. Boom pumps are also mounted to a truck, however, instead of just a hose to pump concrete, it has a robotic arm to direct the cement. Line pumps are similar, but slower and minus the robotic arm, making it a better option for smaller and residential jobs. Its smaller, more compact size makes the concrete pump much easier to maneuver around job sites and transport.
Line pumps are most often used for jobs like a residential driveway or swimming pool. As a concrete pump, they are much more compact in comparison to their boom pump counterpart, so it is often the best option for smaller spaces, or job sites with lots of obstacles around the concrete pumping area.

For concrete pumping Brisbane, you can’t go past our rates. Our rates do, however, vary greatly depending on the project and requirements. Factors like travel time, washout facilities on site, and the number of operators necessary will all have an impact on the rates for our concrete pumping service. If you are interested in our concrete pumping hire services in Brisbane, contact us and speak to one of our friendly team for quotes tailored to your specific project and individual job details.

Our line pumping Brisbane team

Our experience
Our Brisbane team of concrete pumping experts and operators have over 13 years of experience. Our growing team of over 17 highly qualified concrete pump and earthmoving operators are highly skilled at working in the concrete pumping industry.
Our equipment
We have a full fleet of concrete pumps, trucks, and machines to suit every job. Whether its a small residential job, or work on large construction sites, we have the equipment and skills to provide quality and affordable concrete pumping services for jobs of all sizes.
Our commitment to quality

We have a strong focus on customer care and delivering quality to every job. Our high standards and expertise make us the best choice for your Brisbane concrete pumping needs. We have an on-time guarantee to ensure our work is done in a timely way, and if we can’t meet it you get $50 cashback.

Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team about the concrete pump hire services you need.

Our concrete pumping Brisbane locations

We are Brisbane’s number one concrete pump hire company. We cover every location right across the Brisbane region for any job needing a concrete pump hire solution.

Our concrete pumping services also stretch right throughout South East Queensland Australia. This includes the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast areas.

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If you are looking for line pumping Brisbane experts, then make sure you contact us. Stronger Foundations is the only name you need to remember when looking for line pump hire options in Brisbane. Speak to one of our friendly team today for a quote or more information about our concrete pump hire options.