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We are the trusted concrete pumping experts in Brisbane for a wide range of concrete pumping services, including long-distance pumping. Our equipment, team and experience will ensure your Brisbane concrete pumping job is done quickly, efficiently and with a high standard of quality.

What is long-distance concrete pumping?

Pumping concrete over different distances varies the pumping process and what’s involved for a project. When it’s too difficult to use a chute directly from the truck or manually hand-deliver the concrete, you can use a boom pump or line pump to make the process simple. A boom pump is mounted to the back of a concrete truck and delivers concrete by pumping it through a robotically controlled arm. The robotic arm, the boom, lets you remotely control where the concrete goes. Boom pumps have tremendous accuracy and are capable of delivering a large volume of concrete quite quickly. A line pump is a concrete pump that is mounted on the back of a trailer or truck with a hose attached to deliver the concrete. Hoses come in varying lengths and are ideal for use in hard to reach places.

When the distance the concrete needs to go exceeds that of a boom pump or standard line pump (at around 100-150 meters), the concrete pumping process changes completely. The process requires specific concrete pumping equipment and know-how to be done properly, safely and effectively. Whether you need a boom pump, line pump or long-distance concrete pumping solution in Brisbane, we have the concrete pumping services and pump hire to suit – contact us today to speak to our expert team of Brisbane concreters.

Why are long-distances different?

The main issue is that the concrete needs to remain ‘pumpable’ from when it leaves the truck to when it arrives at the job site. If the concrete begins to dehydrate and harden while it’s pumping it will begin to clog the pipe and stop working. There are a number of considerations when it comes to preparing to pump concrete over a long-distance like the concrete mix composition, but most importantly, the equipment that is used.

Concrete pump hire and equipment for long-distance pumping

We have all the equipment, concrete pumps, experience and knowledge to help you with your concrete pumping services and pump hire needs in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Long-distance concrete pumping requires machines with adequate power, pressure and output capacity to pump over the long-distance. We have a wide range of concrete pumping equipment to reach virtually any job or project site that is out of range for a standard boom or line pump.

The biggest consideration when doing concrete pumping over large distances is the pipe line preparation. The strength of the entire pump, pipe line and system must match what is required by the job’s distance. Hoses connected to concrete pumps (like standard line pumps) cannot withstand the pressure required to deliver long-distance concrete pumping and cannot be used. This means pipes that are able to withstand the pressure of the concrete pump must be used. This pipe line should be made up of high-pressure pipes with thick walls.

Working with long-distance concrete pipelines

Long-distance concrete pumping pipelines must be anchored. Moving the pipes while the concrete pumps through them can cause pulsation, resulting in burst pipes and leaks in joints between pipes. Changes in direction and corners in the path of the concrete pump line can be resolved using elbow joints between the concrete pumping pipes, allowing the path to change direction.

When preparing a concrete pumping job, the anchoring of the pipeline and steps involved means that concrete pumping should start at the most distant point, working back towards the concrete pump, removing pipes along the way.

What sort of projects need long-distance concrete pumping?

There are a variety of different projects all over Brisbane, QLD that need the assistance of a long-distance concrete pump solution. Often infrastructure or industrial projects like tunnels and hard to access paths and buildings will need the assistance of a long-distance concrete pump. Commercial jobs like shopping centres and large buildings that do not have adequate truck access over large distances may also require a long-distance pipeline and concrete pump. We provide long-distance concrete pump hire and services to businesses, individuals, and organisations all over Brisbane and its surrounding areas.

Not sure what you need for your long-distance concrete pumping job?

We have a wide variety of concrete pumping services and pump hire options in Brisbane, QLD. Our team of experts have been dealing with concrete pumps and providing concrete pumping services to Brisbane for years. If you contact us today, one of our team can help answer your questions, direct you to what you need for your project, and help coordinate all the details and booking processes involved.

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