Stronger Foundations works hard to ensure our compliance with relevant lawns and industry guidelines.

On the 2nd December 2019, the new Concrete pumping Code of Practice comes into effect with some significant changes that need to be noted.

Changes to concrete pumping operations
• Mobile pump operators cannot carry out the work of a line hand. The line hand at the end of the concrete delivery hose
cannot monitor the concrete pump operations, including the stability of the concrete pump setup. This means at least two
workers are required for mobile concrete pumping operations.
• Workers other than line hands or concreters cannot be directly under the concrete placing boom during concrete pumping
• Greater flexibility to allow for technological developments while maintaining minimum appropriate safety standards for plant
inspection with annual and major (six yearly) inspections.
For line pumps, there should be one line hand for every 10 metres of workable concrete delivery hose where the pipe
diameter is 76.2 millimetres (three inches) or more and every 20 metres of workable hose where the pipe diameter is less
than 76.2 millimetres (three inches).

If you would like to be see the complete Code of Practice, you can visit the Worksafe website.